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We provide our clients with a professional assessment of their future home to negotiate with confidence. Our extensive report will clarify visible issues at the time of the inspection and give the client a roadmap for proper maintenance and guidance for how to resolve those issues for function and safety for years to come. A piece of mind to help them protect their investment. 

The following are examples of issues found during our inspections. From roofing issues, to moisture issues, and to safety concerns, we will always encourage a thorough walkthrough with our clients during our on-site visit. We will review what we found, as well as address any concerns you may have, for that solid peace of mind for this investment.

What to expect from the home inspection

This video material is made available by the  NCHILB, North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board to advance understanding of the Standards of Practice required of home inspections in North Carolina. It is being provided for research and educational purposes only.

Sample Reports

Gray Home Inspections uses

current technology and software that will provide you with superior reports about your new home.

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