Seller's Checklist

Attention Agents and Sellers. Please review the following list of suggestions in preparation to the buyer’s home inspection.

It’s in your interest as a home seller to provide quick and easy access to everything on the home inspection. Here are some ways you can help:

• Leave keys (for instance, for your electrical panel), and label where the inspector can find them
• Make sure all pilot lights are on for fireplaces and furnaces, even in summer, so the inspector can check the heating and other appliances
• Clean up key areas in your yard so the inspector can easily access your crawl space
• Tidy your garage, basement or crawlspace. There needs to be an unobstructed path to enter and to your furnace/HVAC unit/water heater and anything else that needs inspecting
• Tidy your attic same as your basement
• If the home is vacant and the utilities have been shut off, have them reconnected

Thank you for your help and being prepared.    

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